About the Developer

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Damien Owens, creator of Emergency Stain Clean, feels time is precious and has created an app to help everyday cleaning problems.

His journey in creating ESC started when his son used a Nicko pen to write scribbles on the kitchen bench and couldn’t get it off with a few chemicals in the cupboard.  As he dashed off to turn on the computer and fire up a search engine to trawl through some websites and find an answer on how to fix the stain he thought ‘there really should be an app for that!’  He wanted to create a very useful app that could sit on your phone or tablet with all the info you need at your fingertips to combat the stains/messes that we come across regularly in our daily life and so….  the Emergency Stain Clean app was bor.

This great new app is Damien’s second in the great big app world, with the release of his data monitoring app Data Dude being released in late 2012.  The Data Dude app is a utility app created to help you save money on your data usage and help to reduce the additional charges on your monthly bill. With the Data Dude utility app you can see exactly how much of your monthly data you have used and how much you have left!

You can set up alerts so Data Dude will send you a message via text and email as a back-up to you or to someone else if you prefer when you use up your data. If you use 100% of your monthly data limit with time left within your monthly plan but still want to keep using your phone/tablet’s internet, Data Dude will let you know exactly how much it is costing you regularly up until the end of your monthly plan– plus it works in all currencies from Euros, Australian Dollars to Rupees and more.  Click here to check out the Data Dude site for more information to download the app for iPhone, iPad or Android!

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